OT Assessment

OT Assessments

OT Assessments
Driving School Melbourne aims to help older drivers to continue to drive safely and to either confirm their competent driving skills or confidentially alert them to factors that may make it unsafe to continue their driving.

Driving is a privilege, which brings responsibilities. Advancing age does not necessarily mean that you are not a safe driver.

There are no age related requirements to holding a licence in Victoria. However, there may come a time when it will be necessary to reduce or cease driving. The advice from your doctor, health professionals and qualified driving instructor is very important. A wise driver will also listen carefully if their spouse, relatives or friends are concerned about their driving.

In general, older drivers are involved in fewer crashes than other age groups. They tend to drive less distance and restrict their driving to times and situations in which they feel safe. Older drivers tend to be cautious and responsible, obey the law and are rarely involved in drink driving or speeding.

While older drivers don’t have as many crashes, older drivers are more at risk of being seriously injured or killed if in a crash.

If you have been asked by VicRoads to undergo a review driving test or an occupational therapy driver Assessment, call Driving School Melbourne to discuss your personal situation. Your Driving School Melbourne instructor is specifically trained to assist you through every step of the process including attending the drive test assessment with the specific VicRoads tester or occupational therapist drive assessor.

Driving School Melbourne can assist and recommend an occupational therapist accredited in driving assessments if required.

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